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Canadians are facing unprecedented housing challenges. By supporting our campaign you can tell the next government of Canada we can’t afford to wait for these issues to fix themselves. Housing is an ever greater expense for households across our country, and for many families and individuals, accessing safe and affordable housing that meets their needs is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.  Helping all people in Canada to access safe, affordable housing should be a top priority for all leaders elected this October.

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The upcoming federal election is a perfect time to have your voice heard in the fight for more (and better!) community housing in Canada. Whether through social media or dialoguing with parliamentarians and election candidates, let the government know your views.

How Can the Federal Government Take Action?

Housing helps. All Canadians benefit from improved community housing supports.

Social Media

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Write your MP/Candidates

All politics is local. By writing your MP or local candidates you will tell them your vote depends on their support for social, non-profit and community housing


Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

Canada needs a national Indigenous Housing Strategy that addresses the unique needs of Indigenous peoples living in urban, rural and northern communities.


Preserve the existing stock of community housing

The 2017 National Housing Strategy (NHS) included several measures to protect the affordability of the existing stock of social housing and to address a significant repair backlog, including the Federal Community Housing Initiative, the Canada Community Housing Initiative, and the National Co-investment Fund.  Nevertheless, there are gaps within these new programs that must be addressed.  In addition, measures must be taken to reduce the overall level of demand for social housing.  Meaningful policies need to be put in place to help housing providers maintain existing rent subsidies and implement poverty reduction measures. Learn more about what the next government can do…


Increasing Supply of Community Housing

Canadian families are struggling to make ends meet. For many, limited access to an affordable housing option represents a significant barrier to positive education, employment, and health outcomes. Policies designed to increase supply must be a priority and must be developed and implemented as part of a framework that considers housing a human right.  These include: 

  • Increasing support for new community housing through an expanded toolkit of programs and policy options designed to increase access to capital

  • Increasing funding and modify the mandate of the Federal Lands Initiative



The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association represents the interests of the social, non-profit and affordable housing sector in Canada.