“As a single mother she was “basically homeless, living here and there.” Then she found Namerind Housing Corporation”

Regina, SK

Sara experienced many struggles in her young life; her personal situation was extremely difficult. As a single mother with a little boy, she was, in her words, “basically homeless, living here and there.”

She knew she wanted something “better in life” for her son and their future together, so she decided to take a course and further her education. There, she met a woman who happened to be a tenant of Namerind. The woman suggested Sara apply for housing assistance and went further, putting in a recommendation for Sara. Hopeful, Sara went in to Namerind and applied for housing. She felt very fortunate that, not long after, she had a place for herself and her son to live. That was about thirteen years ago. In talking about Namerind, Sara reflects that was her “first real home” and, even though she still “had lots to overcome,” she knew she could count on a roof over their heads and this support helped her to provide for her son. Today, Sara has two children and thoughtfully reflects on her life. She knows “the decisions [she makes] directly impact the lives of her children.”

She is thankful for Namerind since “having affordable housing meant that, over the years, [she] had a bit of extra money for her children and their needs, including sports.” She’s “glad to know there are organizations like Namerind who go above and beyond to help our people.” Over the years, she has come to know many of the Namerind team members. According to Sara, the staff have “all been so wonderful and welcoming” which has meant another level of support for her. She is proud to say she’s “been a part of Namerind and is grateful for the chance and opportunity they provided years ago!”

Thomas Veitch